Why We Need DanceinCity.com



Imagine, you are in Singapore today and wanna go for a social dancing (say Salsa) tonight. You’ll go to FB or Twitter and ask your friends. You may get an answer or not, good luck!!

Now, lets take another case. You are newly settled in Sydney and looking for ballet dancing classes for your 6 year daughter. Finding a good dancing school is never easy.

If you are a dance school, then you need to attract good dancers too. How you reach to them?

You are a dance instructor from NYC and traveling to Istanbul. You are exploring a possibility of meeting local dance folks and can think of taking a workshop too. But, how to find them?

Dance Workshops, where?

Dance Performances, where?

Dance festivals, where?

Auditions, where?.. List goes on!


There is much more to it. And we yet don’t have a single platform, which caters to dance community needs globally. Yes, there have been ongoing attempts by multiple individuals, organizations and companies. But why we didn’t succeed yet? Answer is, if dance community needs a destination, then dance community needs to participate too.

DanceinCity project, which kickstarted some 4-5 years back as just an idea, is making the same attempt. Providing an ultimate destination to dancers, learners and everyone related to dance. And ya, It’s very different than other commercial projects. I want to keep it free for everyone, which ensures open participation. There is absolutely NO ENTRY BARRIER. You can compare DanceinCity with bridges connecting the dance world at each level.

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