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Artistic Director of India’s premier dance institute, Shiamak Davar embarked on a journey twenty years back on a mission to spread the joy of dance. Shiamak Davar International (SDI) through its motto, ‘Have Feet. Will Dance’ reaffirms his belief that anybody can dance. Healing through the performing arts, his classes are open to all age groups, four to eighty four years; without any discrimination.

Shiamak took upon himself the onus of spearheading and spreading dance education to the masses. He formalized Shiamak Davar’s Institute for the Performing Arts (SDIPA) with the motto. He has nurtured SDIIPL in becoming one of the largest dance schools in the world, reaching out to thousands of dance enthusiasts annually across India, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.



SHIAMAK’S JANUARY PRESENTATION: The year begins with a focus on technique and training where the faculty works on strengthening the foundation in the style chosen by the students. At the beginners and advance levels, the students learn a new routine every few classes to have a greater insight on the style and improve body and mind coordination. The batch ends with an event, either a master class by the guru of modern and contemporary dance, Shiamak Davar, a Dance based Sports Day or an in house presentation.


SHIAMAK’S SUMMER / WINTER FUNK/ SPRING™: Shiamak’s bi-annual student show, Summer Funk and Winter Funk, gives a platform for all participating students to perform on stage in a professional setup. Students learn their favorite style through the course of five weeks, and gain a wholesome perspective working on costumes and properties. The program gives an opportunity for students to train in dance and learn the finer nuances of dance. The expert faculty personally trained by Shiamak specializes in each style they teach and have international experience in dance. The students enjoy a complete “performing arts” experience – the excitement, rehearsals, costume trials, teamwork, discipline, professionalism and most of all performance.

SHIAMAK MONSOON MASTI 1 & 2: After have laid a strong foundation and learnt to perform on stage, this batch again focuses on technique and training, concluding with an in house presentation. Monsoon Masti 2 ends with a party where all students come and celebrate dance together.


Children: 4 to 6 years

Juniors: 7 to 11 years

Adults: 12 years onwards

Special classes for Ladies and Senior citizens at select venues.



Shiamak Style: A unique blend of indo contemporary and modern movement with a strong ballet grounding and performance based visuals. Shiamak describes a dancer performing Shiamak Style as a peaceful warrior. With a focus on technique, this style is best suited for serious dance enthusiasts for a strong foundation.

ShaBop: Shiamak’s interpretation of Hip Hop and Street Funk for the Indian style. ShaBop combines the cool and urban Hip Hop moves with an ethnic style.

Bollywood Jazz: Shiamak revolutionized dance in Bollywood by combining it with western jazz technique and giving it a structure. Energetic music, dance-exercise and choreography makes this a favorite amongst students globally.

Theatre Jazz: Singing, dancing and performing makes way for a musical extravaganza that gives you a starry experience.

Jive and Rock’n’Roll: This style truly defines letting your hair loose! Popularized by Elvis Presley, Rock’n’Roll is the essence of freedom of movement and expression. Jive is perfect for students looking out for social and partner dancing.

 Children and juniors:

The program for children and juniors is a fifteen month program where they learn:

Children/ Junior Beginners: Jazz Funk and Bollywood Jazz

Children/ Junior Advance:

  • Shiamak Style
  • ShaBop
  • Rock’n’Roll
  • Theatre Jazz
  • Afro Jazz (only for juniors)
  • Salsa (only for juniors)







SHIAMAK’S ONE YEAR DANCE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (OYP) provides professional dance training to individuals who intend to make a career in dance. Masters from the SHIAMAK™ school, DADA (Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy, Los Angeles, California), the best international faculty and Shiamak himself train the handful of dancers who have been personally selected by Shiamak. Students are trained in contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, ballet, yoga and Shiamak’s trademark styles and gain experience in every aspect of performing arts and entertainment.

SHIAMAK’S HALF YEARLY PROGRAM: This program is targeted for serious dance enthusiasts who want to train and dance everyday to improve on their skills. Four hours of dance training, Monday to Saturday, they learn Shiamak Style, ballet and an introduction to western styles by specialized faculty.

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