“The SHP Project” is a story about the power of friendship, brotherhood, love and redemption. It’s a story about dance, life, passion, soul and the difference between simply being alive and truly living. Two childhood friends, Victor and Machito, once regarded as the cities best salsa dancers are separated after the death of Victor’s father. Years later while working as a banker in Dubai, Victor returns to NY. Although there for work, he is reunited with his past and joins his childhood friends in an effort to save the neighborhood they both grew up in – Spanish Harlem.

In the full length version there will be lots of dancing and an actual event called “Represente”, where the best dancers from each city represent their city in a global dance competition. Although this will certainly showcase lots of dancing the way we all experience today, “The SHP Project” is still a story focusing on the journey of the lead characters. This film will be in theaters worldwide at the end of the year.

Please leave comments, feedback, thoughts on the short film “MANO” and the upcoming full length feature film “The Spanish Harlem Project”, starring some of Hollywood’s biggest named talents. MANO is only a 24minute short film and is separate from the “The Spanish Harlem Project.

WATCH MANO: http://www.manothefilm.com/

(You need to register and pay some minor donation, but it’s worth for the hard work the producers have put.)

Blog: http://www.manothefilmeng.blogspot.com/

DanceinCity is supporting “The Spanish Harlem Project” and the “MANO” movie in the spirit of Salsa and bringing the updates related to this project directly from its producer in Hollywood.