Get Spoiled on December 1st with Bob Sinclar, Alex Gaudino and Alexandra Stan at Sandance Beach at the Atlantis the Palm

For the past years, Dubai and the rest of the UAE have been seeing a wave of events with international DJs, performing in several cities, week in and week out. Some events were on club level, others took the shape of mini-concerts and a few festivals were introduced. The growth has been great, and it has created an excellent response from residents and tourists alike. We now have one of the most exciting event destinations in the world. In response to this phenomenal industry growth, and the ever increasing demands of the UAE audience for ‘new’ ideas and concepts, we are proud to introduce ‘Spoiled, to the UAE events scene.

Spoiled is the the follow up of the successful EvolutioN concept presented to the UAE in 2009. A unique event experience for the UAE market, targeting the Mid and High Net worth individuals. It paves the long awaited international way for festivals in the UAE. Rather than just dancing on tunes played by an international DJ, or only looking at a performance on stage, we have now solidified this thinking discourse into something even more entertaining. Spoiled is an outdoor event, catering to the larger part of the UAE audience. Spoiled is created to give visitors a unique experience. This concept is a combination of the best DJ’s, performing artists, roaming entertainment, audio, light and visual production put together in an immaculately though through theme.

Keeping the event in its unique concept, we will only host this a few times per year.


Telephone number for info: 0507446141
Venue: Sandance Beach
Address: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, 211222, United Arab Emirates