Meera conducts workshops in Contemporary dance for young adults, adults, elders (men and women) called Movement.

Movement contains elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, Jazz Ballet and Classical Dance. There are different levels from Basic to Intermediate to Advanced, each lasting approx 3 months. A performance by the participants concludes each level.

Where: CLAY Wellness Studio, 20/C Pali Village, 17th Road, Off Ambedkar Road, Opp. P.J Club, Bandra (W), Mumbai- 50.

When: All Sundays, 10am-11am & 11am-12pm

How: Call Meera at 9819847794 or email  [email protected]  to register.

Why: The Benefits of Movement include:
+ greater flexibility
+ toning of all major muscles groups
+ greater energy
+ improved lung capacity
+ better circulation
+ de-stresses the body

Mental & Emotional:
+ creative expression
+ mental rest
+ relaxation
+ rejuvenation
+ mental clarity

+ no-mind time/ thoughtlessness
+ calm and internal silence
+ self-exploration
+ experience energy and rhythm
+ appreciation and understanding of the body

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