is a leading Dance platform connecting dance schools with people willing to learn dance. DanceinCity helps dance schools, dancers and performance companies in reaching out more people and connect with them. On the other hand, it helps people in identifying the best dance school/instructor in their nearby location.

Dance schools, companies and organizations can use using our unique and all-free partner program. This program is open to selected dance schools/instructors/companies/organizations in a city (by invitation only).


Dance Schools and Instructors

What We Offer?

  • You get a “user id” at DanceinCity network, which gives you access of  DanceinCity website Dashboard for your specific city.
  • Using our Dashboard you can create/edit Your Dance School Profile.
  • You can also create your instructors individual dance profiles.
  • Create/edit your regular Classes Schedule.
  • Create Events -Performance, Social Nights, Workshops, Free Events, Festivals and Auditions.
  • Publish Videos, Galleries of your events.
  • Publish news about your school, company, festivals etc.
  • Linking your official profile with our Facebook Group and FaceBookPage. (You’ll be able to post on our popular Facebook Group and Page directly.)
  • Access to new features at DanceinCity.

As a DanceinCity Partner, you get preference in our referral offerings for dance classes, private classes, corporate events and collaboration opportunities with International Dancers and Organizations. More you contribute to DanceinCity project,  your listings will tend to rank higher.

How much does this Partner Program Costs?

Our Answer is – FREE!

The best things in the world comes for free and DanceinCity is surely one of those. Yes, there is NO FEE to join us, nor we charge any recurring fee. We want to keep things simple and this is the best we can think of.

However, we require access to one monthly course (1 in number, every year) from your dance school as a promotion to be used in our contests/social causes. Alternatively you can come up with your set of equivalent giveaways and we can mutually agree. This will help your dance school and DanceinCity in promoting dance  together.

Click here to Request Invitation for Partner Program