Join Nicci of Tha Fae this Fall at The Goddess Dance Movement **Chilliwack**

Starting this Fall Nicci is joining up with the lovely ladies at TGM to bring you beginner bellydance. Come on out and get intouch with your inner bellydance goddess through serpentine and percussive movements.

Session details:

6 Week Beginner Bellydance Class
When: Thursdays, September 15 to October 20
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $95.00 per/6week session
Registration: Email at [email protected] or phone 778-240-7879

What to expect?
Focusing firstly and fore mostly on the fundamental movements of Egyptian Cabaret, both Nicci and Amy will work to ensure you have a solid understanding and foundation to build upon. Every class will demonstrate various levels on difficulty on the core movements, allowing all students to learn at their own pace. Encouraging all to work within their body and learning curve alongside a continual challenge. Stylizations will be shared and encouraged as the students gain core movements and as these classes progress. You know that we must add our own funk on what we are sharing and hope you do the same. However as per our mentors Fundamentals are Key” and that is where we will start.

What is Beginner 1/2 Bellydance?
This class is perfect for the person who has either never taken belly dance before and wants to learn from the ground up OR for the dancer who has been out of dance for a bit and wants to reawaken and feels technical focus is wanted at this time. Focus is on the building blocks of the basics of bellydance while learning basic layering, stylization concepts and combinations.

Focal Breakdown:
Fundamentals 3 – 5 Moves per Class Drilling, Basic Layering, Stylization & Combinations

What to expect in a class:
To get sweaty
To learn terminology alongside movement
Challenge yourself
To have Fun!

What will class breakdown be:
This is an approximate based on the 1.5 hr class
15 min’s of warm-up/cool down
45 min’s of moves (3-5 per class)
15 min’s of stylization/combinations

What to wear to class:
Yoga or dance pants, BD skirt or dance skirt
Coin belt or hip scarf,
Tank top, t-shirt, dance top,
Dance slippers or socks

It is important to be comfortable with good movement
Best to have layers that you can remove if you get warm

I look forward to seeing you this fall either at Tha Realm or at The Goddess Dance Movement, Chilliwack.

Registration: Email at [email protected] or phone 778-240-7879
Location: 110 45778 Gaetz Street, Chilliwack